Change in Access to UpToDate

UpToDate LogoNow that we have transitioned to OpenAthens as our authentication system, all users who created an UpToDate account prior to the transition will have to re-register and create a new account under OpenAthens.

There are two important changes to UpToDate now that we authenticate via OpenAthens:

  1. No Need to Renew
    • As long as you have access to your TouroOne account, you will have access to your UpToDate account.
  2. No Mobile App Access
    • You can use a browser on your mobile device to access the mobile web version of UpToDate, which resizes content according to your screen size.

Note that you will still have access to your old account so long as you have your account’s username and password. This will enable you to look at and process any CME credits associated with the account. However, you will not be able to access UpToDate content via this account.

To log into your old account, simply go to the UpToDate Login page and input your username and password.


For more detailed information on how to re-register and access UpToDate, visit our guide here:

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