New Books: January 2020

Select newly added HSL titles. A full list of new titles can be found online.

The American Psychiatric Association Publishing textbook of psychiatry, edited by Laura Weiss Roberts; contributing NYMC Author Patricia Gerbarg.

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“Thoroughly revised and featuring new authors and content, the seventh edition raises the bar, adding age-related, cultural, societal, and population considerations in the practice of psychiatry to the authoritative text that generations of students, residents, and clinicians have heretofore relied upon. The book first focuses on foundational knowledge, with chapters on psychiatric interviewing, diagnostic formulation, developmental assessment, laboratory testing and neuroimaging, and ethical and legal aspects of clinical psychiatry, and then proceeds to a full presentation of psychiatric disorders in alignment with DSM-5. The third section offers an overview of treatment strategies and methods in present-day psychiatry, a combination of evidence-based biological interventions and psychotherapies, and gives a clear sense of exciting new directions in psychiatric therapeutics. The final section of the textbook is focused on the care of special patient populations, including women; children and adolescents; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals; older adults; and culturally diverse individuals.”                                                  —

WM100 A512 2019

Health communication: strategies and skills for a new era, by Claudia F. Parvanta and Sarah Bauerle Bass.

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 “Health Communication: Strategies and Skills for a New Era provides a practical process model for developing a health communication intervention. The book also explores exposure to media and how it shapes our conceptions of health and illness. Using a life stages and environments approach, the book touches on the patient role and how we’hear’information from health care providers as well as guidance on how to be a thoughtful consumer of health information.” — Publisher’s website


Meaningful metrics: a 21st century librarian’s guide to bibliometrics, altmetrics, and research impact, by Robin Chin Roemer & Rachel Borchardt.

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“Starting with the essential histories of bibliometrics and altmetrics, and continuing with in-depth descriptions of the core tools and emerging issues at stake in the future of both fields, Meaningful Metrics is a convenient all-in-one resource that is designed to be used by a range of readers, from those with little to no background on the subject to those looking to become movers and shakers in the current scholarly metrics movement. Authors Borchardt and Roemer, offer tips, tricks, and real-world examples illustrate how librarians can support the successful adoption of research metrics, whether in their institutions or across academia as a whole.” — Publisher’s website.


Assessing and treating dysphagia: a lifespan perspective, edited by Debra M. Suiter and Memorie M. Gosa; contributing NYMC Author, Luis F. Riquelme.

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“Dysphagia presentation and treatment differs at various stages of life. Assessing and Treating Dysphagia: A Lifespan Perspective reflects significant knowledge and pearls from esteemed adult and pediatric swallowing disorders experts. Debra Suiter and Memorie Gosa have compiled a book of unique depth and breadth with contributions from communication science experts including speech-language pathologists and physicians.

The textbook provides comprehensive coverage of swallowing disorders from birth to old age, including clinical, professional, and cultural ethical considerations.” — Publisher’s website

The only EKG book you’ll ever need, by Malcolm S. Thaler.

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The Only EKG Book You’ll Ever Need presents the key information clinicians need to know about ECG use in their everyday practice. The founding principle of the book, to keep simple ideas simple and complicated ideas clear and concise, still holds true after 8 editions and has resulted in the book being widely adopted in to medical schools, career schools, and nursing schools.”– Publisher’s website.

WG140 T365o 2019

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