Shine a Light on Your Contributions with ORCID

On Wednesday, September 25th, we will celebrate the scholarly publications and activities of New York Medical College’s esteemed faculty with our 26th Annual Author Event.

What better time to register for your  ID which will distinguish you and and all of your hard work from everyone else’s.

You can associate your ORCID ID with all of your publications, conference materials, patents, registered copyrights, datasets, and speeches, to name a few.

Starting at 4:00 PM come visit Nina and Caroline to pick up your copy of our 2018 Faculty Publications as well as take a look at other books written by your colleagues. And while you’re there, don’t forget to ask Caroline about registering for your ORCID ID.

Because even though your name might be similar or even identical to other names in the global scientific community, your ORCID ID, like your work, is unique and should stand out in the crowd.

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