Some Disruption in the Library

Please be aware that contractors will be in the Main (BSB) library this week removing a good number of old bound periodicals, first from compact shelving downstairs and then from the upper rear skylit area. They will be conscientious of noise but some disruption in the areas in which they are working is inevitable. Until later notice, it is recommended that students avoid studying downstairs. We will let you know when the work moves from downstairs to the upper area so you can plan accordingly.

Ultimately this work will result in the removal of the upper level periodical stacks and will increase study space in the Health Sciences Library tremendously. The titles that remain upstairs will be moved down into the compact shelving and the stacks in the upper area will be complete removed and the area renovated.

I know it is hard to see books being discarded — and believe me, for no one more than a librarian who was entrusted with the collection. Know that the librarians here made deselection decisions with due diligence and scrutiny. The titles that are being removed we either have online or have not been used here for a very long time. All titles are held by larger research libraries and can be easily borrowed via interlibrary loan from other libraries.

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