Systematic Review Class: Asking the Important Question, Finding the Best Answer

Do you want to research whether calorie or nutrition labeling helps reduce obesity or diabetes? Do you need to know the number of nurses needed on staff for your hospital to meet the demands of its patients? Or, do you want to discover whether participation in the creative arts helps reduce cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer’s?

Learning the fundamentals of conducting a comprehensive systematic review will start you on your way. Because of the rigorous protocol that you need to follow, such as the high standard of critical appraisal in selecting the best studies, systematic reviews provide the best guidance for achieving the best outcomes.

Come join us on Conducting a Systematic Review on Wednesday, May 15th at 12 noon here in the library, classroom 109.

This overview will take about an hour and we will go through the steps and resources needed to accomplish this very important research study.

We are limited to 25 people, so if you are interested, please register here:



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