PubMed Redesigned: Give the new interface a try!


Last month PubMed released a preview of its newly redesigned search interface. You can see the new PubMed here:

Overall it appears that the National Library of Medicine, which produces PubMed, is looking for a cleaner more intuitive design.  Searchers are presented with a Google-like search box and results are presented on an uncluttered screen. Instead of tabs for various filters and limits,  filters and other options appear on the right side of the results screen. And some other regularly used features like Details and Limits can be found on the Advanced Search page.

As with any interface design change there will be some things to get used to. The links to full text are now at the bottom of the record or on the upper right of the screen, and some things just look different.

If you’d like to read about the redesign go to the NLM Technical Bulletin (Sept-Oct 2009):

If you have questions about the new interface call the Reference Desk at 914-594-4210. Or comment here in the blog!

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