Art Beyond the Pandemic: A Student’s Journey

After four years, Carly Carlin will be graduating from our medical school. More than half of that time, she studied, learned, created, and developed through an historic pandemic which affected us all in many ways.

For Dr. Carlin there was growth and light and we see that positive outlook in her paintings donated to the library. In Seedling (acrylic on canvas) Carly describes how sad and scary times can eventually reveal clarity and purpose, that at the time, we couldn’t see. She writes:

As it sat around in the dark for a long time, I wondered what would’ve happened if this flower were real? Would it die, or would it continue to shine light in the room and invite in warmth? I called it Seedling since I like the idea of a piece of art (or an idea, emotion, vision) developing meaning long after time has passed, or changing meaning over time.

Particularly now, as the virus becomes weaker and our desire to hug grows stronger, what could be more meaningful as her other painting, entitled, I Love You (shown above). One senses Dr. Carlin’s important belief that “hopefully now, we are able to embrace those we care about more regularly and with more intention and care.”

What I see in this painting is the hug we also need to give to ourselves.

In addition to these two paintings, which have now found a new home in our library, her other drawings are on display on our bulletin board.

Thank you, Dr. Carlin, for sharing with all of us your successful, positive journey.