So, You Want That As An eBook?

Now that we are working and learning from a virtual environment, the need for electronic access to resources is in high-demand. Even though the Library provides access to thousands of electronic resources, not all resources are created equal. We encourage you to investigate whether there is an electronic version of a title you are interested in.

The following are some suggestions:

  1. Does the NYMC Library own this title? If you didn’t find it from the library homepage, check the library’s electronic resource portal.
  2. Check your local library. Most local libraries offer a variety of electronic resources to their patrons.
  3. Apply for New York Public Library access through SimplyE, for NYS residents.
  4. Check WorldCat. This database displays holdings for libraries worldwide, including ours.
  5. Search open access collections. There are a variety of electronic books available from a host of places:
    1. Internet Archive
    2. Open Library
    3. HathiTrust (some free access)
  6. Purchase textbooks directly from eCampus or rent a copy from Amazon.
  7. Can’t find the book for free? You may borrow a chapter or the print edition via interlibrary loan.
  8. When all else fails, submit a resource suggestion and we will look into ways of providing access.

Still not having any luck? Contact the library to work with a Librarian.

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