AMA Citations Made Easy

The hard work is underway. You have refined your topic, completed your research (or close to it), and now you are ready to put it all together in a well-documented, excellently sourced, scholarly paper.

As you write, knowing how to cite your sources correctly is essential. It presents your work with the credibility, accuracy, and high level of professionalism it deserves.

To make this next step a bit easier, the library has created the AMA Style Guide, 11th edition, which features the latest 2020 update from the AMA Manual of Style. Both our LibGuide and the Manual of Style provide quick access to answers such as:

Do I have to cite all 20 authors listed in my reference?

I had a discussion with my faculty advisor about research she did, how would I reference this personal conversation? Do I even need to?

Of course, not every question can be answered here. We are always happy to help either by chat, e-mail, or by booking a research consultation.


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