New PubMed Made Easy

Some of you may have noticed the banner offering the “new” PubMed:

This links to an updated PubMed display that provides the same content with more ease of use, plus handy new features.

The search technology has also been updated to provide highly relevant results sorted by a new best match search algorithm. It’s a more “Google-like” search experience (seriously, type a question in the box!)

Of course, this isn’t the only way to search. Check out all kinds of search tips newly released by PubMed.

We encourage you to start using this new PubMed, which will become the default version later in the year.

In the meantime, PubMed wants your feedback. If you have a question, suggestion or concern while you’re searching, use that Feedback button in the lower-right hand corner of PubMed. It’s a great time to voice your opinion as the new interface is being perfected.

Reference Librarians at NYMC are also happy to answer your PubMed questions! We live and breathe Pubmed. Drop us a line here.

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