Get Ready for “New PubMed!”

New PubMed Homepage
The new PubMed interface

As we previously wrote, the National Library of Medicine is gearing up to release a new version of PubMed. Read the latest Technical Bulletin article here: 

It appears it’s ready. Feel free to start using it at

There are some exciting new features. Everyone is sure to love the on-screen “cite” feature which creates instant citations in several popular formats, including AMA and APA.

Additional features include the ability to save to CSV format and to limit to articles with available data sets. At the same time, NLM reports that many trusted features will remain.

Official launch date of the New PubMed is not yet set but a January date is anticipated. Reportedly, the legacy version and new version will run side by side for about six months before the legacy version is retired. There’s no reason not to start using it right now. And as always we welcome your feedback. Happy searching!

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