A Contest! Name Our New Library Catalog and Win $50!

The Health Sciences Library is implementing a new integrated library system soon and we’d like you to help us name our new Online Catalog. Something memorable, something branded, something that feels like it is ours… let your creative juices flow and submit your best name for our new catalog using this form:

Online Catalog Naming Contest Submission Form

Winner of the selected name will receive a $50* gift card! No limit to the number of submissions per person. So submit early and often. And tell your friends! See the form at the link above for more details and contest rules. Deadline for submissions is midnight Friday, June 5, 2009.

The new system will be an Ex Libris “Voyager” system.

Some examples of other medical school library catalog names :

Columbia: CLIO (Columbia Libraries Online Catalog)
Harvard: HOLLIS
Weill Cornell, Sloan Kettering, Rockefeller University: Tri-Cat
Yale: Orbis

*The money comes from an anonymous donation.

15 thoughts on “A Contest! Name Our New Library Catalog and Win $50!”

  1. “New York Medical College Online Catalog” – NYMCOC”

    Medical Catalog Online = “MedCO”

    NYMC-Voyager or “Voyager”

    NYMC-Excelsior or “Excelsior”

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