An Updated Version of PubMed Coming Soon

As biomedical literature increases at a significant rate in PubMed, the National Center for Biotechnology Information has continuously experimented and investigated ways to improve the overall search quality and user experience. An updated version of PubMed, expected to be released in September, 2019, is now available on the experimental PubMed Labs platform.

Improvements include:

Responsive Design
The updated PubMed features a mobile-first, responsive layout that offers better support for accessing PubMed content.

Enhanced Search Results
A new relevance sort option named Best Match, as an alternative to the default date sort, will make it easier for users to find what they look for.

Article Snippets
To help you identify articles of interest, “snippets” will appear-highlights from the article abstract that are related to your query.

Accessible Filters
Filters will appear on the same page as the search results.

The Health Sciences Library will offer classes on the new PubMed, in person and via webinar. Stay tuned…


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