Interprofessional Education Resources

The HSL has a collection of Interprofessional Education (IPE) videos. The videos were produced in collaboration with the University of Toronto, Centre for Interprofessional Education. IPE seeks to bring students from across disciplines to improve health outcomes. This collection of videos provides insights into how important collaboration across disciplines can be.

These may be used as part of a class, embedded within a course site, in collaboration with a clinical care team, or as an extension of previously held IPE training at the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center and at the School of Health Sciences and Practice.

This video can help start the conversation about what IPE means for professional success:

Don’t These People Talk to Each Other?

“Presents a 21-minute documentary that links the evidence for interprofessional care, the need for it from the patients’ perspectives and the important link with interprofessional education.”

You may embed this video within your course curriculum for students to view before attending lectures on interprofessional care. If you need help or would like more information please contact the library at x3172.

Be sure to check out other resources on interprofessionalism from the Library and our IPE focused resource guide.