Most Popular Faculty Publications in Touro Scholar: October 2018

There were 523 downloads from Touro Scholar in October 2018
Total no. of downloads in Touro Scholar, the College’s institutional repository


The most popular faculty publications were:

Feeding/Swallowing Disorders: Maintaining Quality of Life in Persons with Intellectual Disability by Luis Riquelme, Rebecca Benjamin, Hannah Tahan, Gracelynn Sandoval, Naga Alomari and Alexander Soyfer (article)

Dual-Transmitter Systems Regulating Arousal, Attention, Learning and Memory by Sherie Ma, Balazs Hangya, Christopher S. Leonard, William Wisden and Andrew Gundlach (article)

Longer-Term Therapy for Symptoms Attributed to Lyme Disease by Gary P. Wormser (letter to the editor)

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