History of Medicine Exhibit Now on Display

A new “History of Medicine” exhibit is now on display in the Health Sciences Library.  Stop by anytime during Library hours to view the exhibit, and see the complete bibliography here.

history of medicine exhibit

Exhibit Summary:

Over the course of time, historians, authors, and publishers have sought to identify the most influential advances in every field of study. This exhibit focuses on the History of Medicine, as prepared by the staff of the Health Sciences Library.  The exhibit is presented in two sections: Notable Names in Medicine, which focuses on the people behind major advances, and Historical Advances in Medicine, which is organized chronologically by the discoveries themselves. The exhibit dovetails with Dr. Halperin’s History of Medicine class.

Dr. Halperin’s lectures highlight individuals who have advanced the practice of medicine. The Notables presented here are a few of those exceptional contributors. These people were chosen by Library staff because they represent not only those who have made great contributions to medical science, but because they represent a cross-section of ethnicity that is reflective of America as a whole. Among the many groundbreaking contributions to medical science, the papers displayed under Historical Advances in Medicine were chosen by contributors to the popular science press to be significant to the advancement of medicine.  The following lists were consulted:

Students in Dr. Halperin’s History of Medicine Class may also wish to visit our guide, History of Medicine – Biographical Resources.