New Books: Fall 2023

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What we bring to the practice of medicine: perspectives from women physicians, edited by Kimberly Greene-Liebowitz and Dana Corriel.

What We Bring to the Practice of Medicine brings together a collection of short essays from women physicians working in diverse fields and at different stages of medicine around the world. Through compassion, humor, and resiliency, their stories reveal the truth of what life is like for a variety of women in medicine.” —  excerpt from


W21 W555 2023

Studying a Study & Testing a Test: Reading Evidence-Based Health Research.

Studying A Study and Testing a Test: Reading Evidence-based Health Research

“Ideal for clinical students including medical, nursing, pharmacy, dental, physician assistant and more! Evidence-based information plays a critical role in clinical practice decisions. Secondary sources are often unreliable; it’s up to the student, then, to critically assess peer-reviewed research literature. Using a highly structured yet accessible method, this best-selling text teaches students to critically analyze research from primary sources. Step-by-step approach– learn to recognize a meaningful study, clues to potential study flaws, and ways to apply solid evidence in clinical practice. Simple 6-point framework– learn to evaluate studies in terms of the author’s trademark mnemonic device, M.A.A.R.I.E. (Methods, Assignment, Assessment, Results, Interpretation and Extrapolation).” —  excerpt from


The Washington manual internship survival guide, edited by Thomas M.P. Ciesielski, et al.

“Substantially revised since the previous edition, this Internship Survival Guide offers first-year residents practical, real-world medical and professional guidance from senior residents and faculty advisors at the Washington University School of Medicine. Advice is presented in a concise, bulleted format, lending itself to quick comprehension of the material. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of logistical issues and patient and colleague communication, as well as the basics of navigating your clinical rotations.” — description from R2 Digital

Making sense of medical statistics, by Munier Hossain, illustrations and formatting by Inda Zubir.

Amazon cover image“This book explains the fundamental concepts of medical statistics so that the learner will be confident in performing the most commonly used statistical tests. Each chapter is rich in anecdotes, illustrations, questions, and answers. Not enough? There is more material online with links to free statistical software, webpages, multimedia content, a practice dataset to get hands-on with data analysis, and a Single Best Answer questionnaire for the exam.” — excerpt from book back cover.
WA950 H829 2021