New Books: Spring 2023

Select newly added HSL titles. A full list of new titles can be found online. 

Bad advice: or why celebrities, politicians, and activists aren’t your best source of health information, by Paul A. Offit, M.D.

Amazon cover image“Scientists are often unable to package their insights into the neat narratives that the public requires. Enter celebrities, advocates, lobbyists– people taking advantage of scientists’ reluctance to provide easy answers, flooding the media with misleading or incorrect claims about health risks. Offit shares hard-earned wisdom on the dos and don’ts of battling misinformation. He discusses the manias stoked by charlatans and their miracle cures, as well as corrosive, dangerous ideologies such as Holocaust and climate-change denial.” — adapted from book jacket.

WA590 O32 2018

Relentless: how a leading New York City health system mobilized to battle the greatest health crisis of our era, by Deborah Schupack.

Amazon cover imageRelentless is the compelling story of how one of America’s leading health care systems — the Mount Sinai Health System in New York city — mobilized to confront the defining health crisis of our time: the coronavirus pandemic. This book is based on unprecendented access to internal hospital documents and more than 100 candid interviews with the leaders of Mount Sinai’s eight hospitals and its Icahn School of Medicine. It contains accounts of physicians and nurses on the front lines throughout the system who pushed themselves to the brink to save lives; of research scientists who urgently worked to decipher the virus and find ways to counter it quickly and safely; and of the brave patients, staff members, and medical students who summoned their reserves of energy, compassion, and courage to fight the disease. Relentless closes with an exploration and explanation of lessons learned–and of what needs to be done and what is being done to prepare for future pandemics and other health crises.” —
WC506 S393r 2022

The picture of health, by Michael D. Stein, Sandro Galea.

Amazon cover imageThis book draws a picture of health, one that both scientific and non-scientific readers can grasp. In The Picture of Health, the authors offer 100 such pictures, representations of data, facts, truths about the public’s health that have been published in the scientific literature in recent years and present them in a way such that public health novices can gain an understanding of the issues, the conditions and pressures, that shape the health of Americans. Through pictures and simple explanations, the authors offer a portrayal of the concerns of public health and an illustration of public health concepts, aiming to create a generation of Americans who are better educated about public health, to our collective advantage” — APHA.
WA900 AA1 P954 2022

Therapeutic exercise: foundations and techniques, by Carolyn Kisner, John Borstad, Lynn Allen Colby.

Amazon cover image“The authors and contributors of this book have continually sought to incorporate current trends and research to support the foundational concepts of therapeutic exercise on which the student can learn, and the practitioner can grow in their expertise of treating patients. In addition to the extensive and thorough revisions of content, the Focus on Evidence and Clinical Tips features, as well as links to video demonstrations of key interventions, are again highlighted in this edition. Whenever applicable, up to date Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are included within the Focus on Evidence sections. As with previous editions, it is our hope that this updated text will provide a resource for learning and professional growth for the students and health-care practitioners who utilize therapeutic exercise” — Preface

WB541 K61t 2023