Direct Article Delivery with Reprints Desk

Over the past several years the library replaced some journal subscriptions with access via a direct delivery service called Reprints Desk. In order to maximize cost efficiency, and maintain access to lower-use titles, the library got creative and implemented Reprints Desk for unmediated pay-per-use article delivery.

Forty-six journal titles have been added to the library Reprints Desk collection, so far. Additionally, any future journal purchasing requests or other needed titles will now immediately be placed in Reprints Desk for direct access.

Access to these journal articles is available through our website and most databases, like PubMed, using the button. If you choose an article from the included journals, the NYMC Access button will link you to an intermediary page. You can either order the article through interlibrary loan which is usually free for the library or use the “Direct Delivery” option to get it in minutes – and the library picks up the bill. Use this option when you need the article immediately.

As always, we are here to help. If you have trouble accessing articles or would like to learn more please contact the library.