Advanced PubMed: Taking Your Search to the Next Level

Join us on Friday, January 29th at 1:00 pm as the NYMC Health Sciences Library presents, Advanced PubMed: Taking Your Search to the Next Level. This class is part of the Touro College and University System Research Series.

Registration is required here.

Like Google Scholar, PubMed® is a public-access database with no subscription necessary to search. Curated by the National Library of Medicine, this database produces more accurate citations, with more detailed article records than Google Scholar and allows the user to navigate content with control and precision.

Join our webinar and learn to create searches in PubMed® that will generate highly relevant results, and ensure you are using PubMed® effectively for your needs.

Whether you are working on a review requiring scope, just trying to find a spot-on article, or would like to learn time-saving tips and tricks, this tutorial aims to enhance your confidence and skill in using PubMed®.

Among other topics we will take a closer look at medical subject headings (MeSH), identify and locate PubMed® document types, and take a brief look at evaluating research content in consideration of the recent advance of preprint literature.

Do you have a question about using PubMed® that you would like us to cover? Email the instructor here to let us know.

The webinar will benefit users who already have some experience navigating PubMed’s interface. Students, fellows, staff, residents, and faculty are welcome to attend. Register in advance here.