Be One in a Million and Make a Difference

The All of Us Research Program is part of the NIH’s Precision Medicine Initiative. The NIH is looking to recruit more than one million individuals to participate in an extensive data gathering initiative. Participants will share their data from electronic health records, wellness apps, and self assessments in order to add to the Big Data movement for individualized healthcare. According to M.W. Vegter “precision medicine is the general idea that the more health data we gather, the more we can quantify, the more we can control.”1 The new program seeks to gather data from diverse populations in order to broaden healthcare treatment, standards, and guidelines.

The All of Us Research Program is committed to engaging multiple sectors and forging strong partnerships with academic and other non-profit researchers, patient groups, and the private sector to capitalize on work already underway. The program will set the foundation for new ways of engaging research participants, sharing health data and information, and employing technology advances to mine the information for comprehensive results. — NIH website

To learn more see video below, sign-up for a Mid-Atlantic Regional Health Equity Council Webinar on June 21st, or listen to After On podcast with healthcare futurist Daniel Kraft for real insight into the importance of this work.

What are you waiting for?  Join now and recruit friends, colleagues, and even patients.


1.    Vegter, M. W. (2018). Towards precision medicine; a new biomedical cosmology. Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy.