Congratulations on Your Graduation

To: NYMC Graduates


Even though you have successfully completed your studies and are leaving New York Medical College, your connection to the Health Sciences Library (HSL) does not end.

Library benefits for alumni include:

  • Perpetual onsite access to the library’s collections and online resources.
  • Offsite article delivery service via PubMed’s Loansome Doc ordering system.

What is Loansome Doc?

It is a document delivery service that is connected to the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed database. It is a quick way to obtain scanned copies of the articles you need.

To register online:  Step by step registration procedures are available at: Select New York Medical College as your library.

To order an article from PubMed: Click on the title of the article and then choose ‘order’ from the drop down menu to the right, and the request is automatically sent to us if you selected us as your library.

  • If we own the article: Our delivery service to you is completely free and you will usually receive it within 24 hours of the receipt of your request.
  • If HSL does NOT own the journal: We are happy to refer your request to another library on your behalf. This service is a subsidized $5.00 per article.
  • If you need the article immediately as a RUSH request (within four hours): There is a $15 dollar charge for this service and cannot be guaranteed.

Payments: Your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis in the amount spent. Credit card receipts are mailed directly to you along with a statement of activity.

For further information about the registration and/or document ordering process, please refer to Loansome Doc:


HSL Interlibrary Loan staff can be reached at (914) 594-4200 or