Library Exhibit and Event Video: “The Nazi Origins of Pernkopf’s Anatomy Atlas”

On Tuesday afternoon, at the college’s Yom Hashoah event, Dr. Howard Israel, DDS, Adjunct Professor and course director for Pain and Anxiety Control at Touro College of Dental Medicine at New York Medical College, presented a lecture on “The Origins of Pernkopf’s Anatomy Atlas & the Role of Nazi Medicine in the Holocaust” to an audience of over 125 attendees in the Nevins Auditorium.

Please see the companion exhibit at the top of the stairwell in the Health Sciences Library, where the (imperfectly cleaned up) 1963 edition of the publication can be viewed along with relevant photos and the 1997 letter from the University of Vienna alerting medical libraries about the Pernkopf Atlas’s Nazi origins.

Exhibit in Health Sciences Library









If you missed it you can view the event in its entirety here: