Learn Medical Spanish with Us!

The Library has acquired the Canopy Learn tutorial “an online medical Spanish course that empowers medical students and professionals with the skills to overcome communication friction and provide better care for increasingly diverse patient populations. The course teaches specialized medical concepts and terminology across a wide spectrum of commonly-encountered clinical scenarios to enable providers to establish a rapport with their Spanish-speaking patients.”

  • Fourth-year SOM students must register through their school program if they wish to receive course credit or a certificate.
  • All others who wish to enhance their Spanish Language Skills can simply email us to start their registration.

Participants must finish and pass all three levels in order to receive full credit or earn a certificate.

Each module consists of the following content:

  • Medical Spanish Level I

    13 lessons – Greetings and Introductions, At the Clinic, Questions about Pain, Physical Exam, Diet and Diabetes, Minor Trauma and Accidents, Vaccines and Allergies, Cardiology, Screening for Cancer, Depression and Anxiety, Talking about Headaches, Let’s Review!, Final.
  • Medical Spanish Level II

     12 lessons – Sexual Health, Myocardial Infarction, Pneumology, Pharmacy and Medicines, Urology, Pregnancy and Prenatal Care, Pre- and Post-Op, Elder Care, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Stroke, Review, Final.
  • Medical Spanish Level III

     12 lessons – Tuberculosis, Metabolic Syndrome, Trauma, Discharge Planning, Breast, Cervical, & Uterine Cancer, Well Baby Visit, Death and Dying, HIV/AIDS, Depression and Suicide, Seizures, Review, Final.