Introducing…Touro Scholar

In partnership with Touro Libraries, the NYMC Health Sciences Library has recently launched an institutional repository called Touro Scholar. An institutional repository (IR) is an online archive of an institution’s intellectual output. This intellectual output may come in the form of journal articles, conference proceedings, posters, dissertations, research data and much more.

Touro Scholar NYMC area

Benefits of using Touro Scholar:

  • Permanent URL with usage statistics
  • Increased findability in popular and scholarly search engines
  • Open access to your research and institutional knowledge
  • Increased citation of your open access publications
  • Long-term and stable access to your scholarship in one location

We would like to thank the following faculty members for being early adopters of the repository:

  • Dr. Thomas Cerabona, Surgery
  • Dr. Shobhana Chaudhari, Medicine
  • Dr. Jun Chen, Medicine
  • Dr. JenWei Chiao, Medicine
  • Dr. Arthur Cooper, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Dr. Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz, Pathology
  • Dr. Thambi Dorai, Urology
  • Dr. Michael Goligorsky, Medicine
  • Dr. Delong Liu, Medicine
  • Dr. Stuart Newman, Cell Biology and Anatomy
  • Dr. Petra Rocic, Pharmacology
  • Dr. Joseph Wu, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

If you would like to archive your works in Touro Scholar or have any questions, please contact Jovy O’Grady at