NYMC Icons in PubMed Reviewed

There are three  icons that the library has created to make it easy for you to get that full-text article you need in PubMed.  Here’s what they look like:

The icon you would want to see the most. Means that we have the full-text of the article and you can print it from the comfort of your office/home/lab.

Means that we have this in the library and you can borrow or photocopy the article.

When you don’t see the two icons above, this is your best bet.  Sometimes we do have the article but for mysterious reasons, the link doesn’t show up.  The link will  show up on the article linker page  (if there is one) either to the article itself and/or to the journal.  If the link for the article doesn’t work, try the journal link and manually search for the article within the journal.  If that doesn’t work, we can always get it for you by borrowing it from other libraries or what librarians call an “interlibrary loan” (no one else outside the library understands what this means).  You’ll have to sign up for an interlibrary loan account if you haven’t yet.

If all else fails and you really need that article, please give us a call (914-594-4210),  send us an email (hsl_nymc@nymc.edu) or visit us.  We don’t bite.