PubMed Commons: Set Up Alerts for Comments on Your Papers in PubMed


We previously blogged about PubMed Commons, the new social feature of PubMed which allows researchers to comment on and discuss articles right in PubMed. As an author researcher, would you like to know if your article has comments? Here’s how to set up alerts and receive notifications when your (or another specified researcher’s) articles receive notifications:

1. Set up the search using one of these approaches or your own:

Author approach. This will alert you when any article by a specified author receives a comment. I will use my own name as example (I can only hope for comments!):

  • ascher mt [author] AND has_user_comments [filter]

PMID approach. This will alert you when a specific article receives a comment.

  • 23415612 [pmid] AND has_user_comments [filter]

NYMC articles. Using an admittedly simplified but fairly effective search strategy.

  • (new york medical college[ad] OR valhalla[ad]) AND has_user_comments [filter]

Custom. See a pattern here? Whatever-you-want “AND has_user_comments [filter].

2. Log into MyNCBI. If you don’t have one, you will need to set one up. MyNCBI is useful for a lot of things like setting up preferences, saving searches, and creating your ScienCV.

3. Save the search and set up the notifications.

Execute the search then click on “Save search” right under the search box.


Click save again. Then respond yes to receiving notifications and set up preferences and save.