“From DNA to Beer” Event Invitation and CONTEST Announcement

On Tuesday May 13, 2014 4-5 PM, the library will have an event to kick off the NLM traveling exhibit “From DNA to Beer: Harnessing Nature in Medicine and Industry.” Light refreshments  will be served. We welcome you to join us in the Health Sciences Library for this informal reception.

Note to students: There will be a speaker and discussion at the reception so there will be some noise in the front upper floor of the library. Please  plan to study in other areas of the library — or check out the new library space in the Skyline Building.



(Please RSVP by 2 PM today 5/12 to assure adequate refreshments for all in attendance)

In addition, we are hosting a quiz contest! Some of these questions are answerable from viewing the exhibit, others may require some general knowledge. It’s all to be in fun. Answer the quiz and a PRIZE winner will be selected from the entries with the most correct answers.  FYI… the prize will be beer related. The link to the quiz is below.

Take the quiz, test your knowledge, and WIN!! The quiz will close on Wednesday May 21. The winner will be announced Thursday, May 22.

You must be affliliated with New York Medical College in order to win.

[slickquiz id=4]