NYMC Writing Center Launches Consultation Appointments and Seeks Volunteers

Students Doing Homework

Beginning on April 1, members of the NYMC community needing assistance with their writing skills can book appointments with librarian instructors in the newly established Writing Center. Book appointments here by selecting an available time slot:


These consultations are aimed at assisting in the production of better writing by better writers. Writers must submit the material to be reviewed at least 24 hours in advance of the consultation appointment to hsl_nymc@nymc.edu or the appointment will be cancelled. Instructors will not proofread or copyedit your work but will point out overall writing issues and trends and make suggestions to improve your work. Give it a try. Let’s see how it works! The consultations are just the beginning of what is envisioned as a suite of instructional opportunities aimed at better writing.

This is also a call for volunteers from the College community to join this effort. We are interested in faculty, students, and others willing to work with the Writing Center to present on a topic or facilitate a session. We anticipate targeted sessions on:  writing journal articles; resumes, CVs, and cover letters; personal statements and more.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this very brief questionnaire so we have your information and know of your willingness, interests, and expertise.