The Library in the Skyline Building – What’s the Plan?

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The main reading room in the Skyline library. Compact shelving is visible to the right.

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There is library space in the new Skyline building intended to house departmental library collections. So if you are moving out of Munger Pavilion and into Skyline in the upcoming weeks make sure to plan to move your departmental library to the new library space. The movers have special labels you can put on boxes designated for the library.

The library space in the Skyline Building is quite nice. It consists of  a main reading room,  an adjacent smaller reading room with large windows, and a consultation room where you can schedule appointments with librarians.

The departmental collections will be housed on compact shelving in the main reading. Eventually the library will catalog and create item records for all materials housed in this new library. Tables and chairs suitable for study have been selected but will not arrive until after some recarpeting and painting. The smaller reading room, or “Zen Room” as it’s informally being called, is designed as a more casual area and will be furnished with clusters of two person couches and club chairs.

When in full operation it is intended that the library will be  accessed via swipe card for everyone with offices in Skyline. Other users can get access by special request. The Health Sciences Library will staff the Skyline Library from 10-3 Monday-Friday, with additional times as needed or appropriate.

Contact Diana Cunningham, Associate Dean and Director of the Health Sciences Library, at 914-594-4207 or with any questions you may have. Hope your move goes as smoothly as possible. We’ll see you in the new location soon!

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Consultation Room / Staff Office
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Smaller reading room