Med Students and Residents: Get DynaMed on your Phone!




As the third year medical students are being oriented and our new residents are beginning, now is a good time to remind our community about the availability of DynaMed for mobile devices. DynaMed is a great evidence-based resource for concise information about the latest research findings relevant to the practice of clinical medicine. It is available from the Health Sciences Library as a web-based desktop resource — but it is also available for download to your phone, tablet or other device. The content is downloaded in its entirety so you don’t need an active connection in order to access it. You will need to sync it regularly, though, as DynaMed is updated daily.

To get DynaMed for your mobile device:

1) If you have an email address, use it to send a message to . Request a DynaMed serial number for your mobile device. Include the type of mobile device you are using. You must use your nymc. edu email address to place this request.

2) If you do NOT have an email address, fill out this form and submit it to the Library (instructions are on the form).

Please Note: DynaMed Serial Numbers expire and stop synching after one year. When your serial number expires, contact the Reference Desk to obtain a new one.

The Health Sciences Library also provides access to other resources for your mobile device, some of which have mobile optimized web sites such as Access Medicine and Access Pediatrics. Others are primarily for your phone, such as uCentral from Unbound Medicine.

To obtain uCentral you can download the free application from your app store or play store. Then you need to go to the uCentral page via the library home page and sign up for a uCentral account. Once you have your account you can log in via the app on your device and you will have access.

Enjoy! Best of luck with your clinical assignments. And for more information on these or other library resources, please contact the reference desk at 914-594-4210 or use the “Ask Us” links on our web site.