Drug Search in Google Now Provides Quality Info on Results Page

Developers at Google know a lot of consumers look for drug information on the internet. As a result they have made it easier to get straight to the data most users want by providing drug information that comes from U.S. FDA, the National Library of Medicine, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, right on the results page. It’s part of what’s called the Google Knowledge Graph which is designed to ensure you find what you are looking for. So if you are searching for a drug, they provide you with quality drug information right up front. If you put in the name of a famous person, you may get biographical information powered by the Knowledge Graph. Here’s a sample drug record:

The new drug information may not yet be available for all users. I see it when logged into my Google account and using the Google Chrome browser, but not when using Internet Explorer.

Of course, this information is not intended to replace medical advice, so consumers are encouraged to discuss any prescription drug questions with their physicians. Furthermore, remember that the Health Sciences Library has more professional drug information for physicians including drug monographs found in:

Access Medicine
AHFS (via Stat!Ref)
MD Consult
Unbound Medicine 

… and more! Ask your Librarians to help you select a drug resource 914-594-4210.