Meet the Librarian: Phoebe Stein, Digital Services Librarian

Meet the newest staff member at the Health Sciences Library. Phoebe Stein is the new Digital Services Librarian. She will be working on digital services projects for the library, as well as staffing the reference desk, liaising with academic departments and teaching classes. DSC_0776_3

What is a “digital services librarian”?

I think a digital services librarian is someone who is very aware of the new ways that information is being delivered, and who can translate ways to find and use that information to the general public.  It’s amazing how much information is created “born digital,” and weeding through a lot of the static to get at factual, useful information can be challenging.

Why did you become a librarian? What do you think are some of the most interesting things about the field?

It wasn’t until I had been working as an editor for a couple years that I started ruminating about going to grad school.  Of course I love books and reading, but I’m also a huge organization fanatic.  I’m one of those people who periodically rearranges their bookshelf according to different organization schemas, be it alphabetically, by favorite author, or by color. (Think John Cusack in High Fidelity.)  Considering those tendencies about myself is what really led me to become a librarian.  I think the digital shift in libraries is really exciting and interesting.  The availability of so many digital resources means libraries don’t solely exist as physical places anymore, and today we can reach people electronically wherever they are.

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