Create a Google Scholar Citations Profile — Your Online CV

Todays’ Tech Tuesday session demonstrated Google Scholar Citations which is a fairly new Google tool designed to create a public profile to present your research. An example of a (modest) Google Scholar Citations profile can be seen below:

Sample Google Scholar Citations Profile

Set up Your Own Researcher Profile

The profile lists author/researcher name, some keywords (as entered by the bearer of the profile), citation metrics (h-index and i10-index) and citations sorted by most cited, with links to citing articles. To set up your own profile takes just minutes. You just need to have a Google account to do so (the same account you would use to access Gmail, Google Docs/Drive, etc.). Once you have your Google account, you follow these simple instructions: Your profile can be set up to automatically update, so it is very low maintenance. You will want to periodically check it to make sure that it is updating correctly. You can set an alert to email you when your profile is updated with new articles.

The benefits of having such a profile? An online CV, potential collaborations, a public face for your research, a way to be discovered by others interested in similar areas, networking? We don’t really know yet. But there’s little reason not to set one up. It’s simple, elegant, and professional.

If you would like assistance with setting up a profile please call your department’s librarian liaison, call the Reference Desk at 914-594-4210, or stop by and we’ll have you up and running in minutes.

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