Librarians Available to Collaborate and Consult on Systematic Review Research

Several recent reports have recommended the inclusion of expert searcher librarians on systematic review research teams. 

A major part of the systematic review methodology is the conduct of an extensive search which is exhaustive in its reach and doesn’t miss relevant articles. Librarians are especially equipped to develop and execute systematic review search strategies as suggested by guidelines and standards set forth in:

Librarians at the NYMC Health Sciences Library are looking for opportunities to collaborate with researchers on systematic review projects both:    

1.   As an integral part of the research and planning team. The librarians collaborate with the team to develop a search relevant to the question, execute searches in multiple relevant databases; manage search results; facilitate a process for document retrieval; provide a means and home for sharing and scoring of studies by the research team (probably using bibliographic management software such as RefWorks or EndNote and other collaborative technologies); and/or write/co-author the methodology portion of any resulting manuscript. In this case the librarian would be a co-author on resulting publication(s).

2.  By providing support. Librarians can review search strategies and/or make suggestions for databases to search; provide recommended search terms/subject headings respective to selected databases; provide technical support and assistance; and facilitate retrieval of documents. In this situation it would be appropriate to provide an acknowledgement to the librarian or library in any resulting publication.

To discuss collaboration with a Librarian on your Systematic Review contact:

Deborah Crooke (914) 594-4203
Marie Ascher (914) 594-3168
Diana Cunningham (914) 594-4207

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