Having Trouble Logging In? Read on…

As has been previously described, your library login is now a combination of library barcode and your last name. This last name is case-sensitive and must be typed exactly as it appears in our Voyager database. If you are having difficulty logging in, you can use this utility at http://library.nymc.edu/information/yourbarcode.cfm to determine how we have your last name on record:


Enter your barcode here and you will be presented with your expiration date as well as your last name. As follows:


My last name is Ascher and I will enter it without the period. If you find that your last name is misspelled, please call Access Services at 914-594-4200 so we can correct it.

Also, please note that some of our forms, such as Auditorium Reservations and Book Recommendation forms are still using the old system to validate, using your Social Security number. This will change shortly. If you are a new student or otherwise were not previously registered in the old system, you will need to fill out a paper form or send recommendations through email. Please call 914-594-4210 if you have any further questions.