The Podium and Beyond: Mastering Public Speaking

According to those who responded to a 2001 Gallup Poll,  Americans fear snakes the most. But guess what is next on the list? Yes, you guessed it. 40% of Americans dread speaking in public.

Learning and understanding is enhanced by communicating information effectively. Students and faculty need to successfully relay their knowledge and skills to each other. Unfortunately, for many of us, speaking in public can be a daunting task.

In 2021, the National Library of Medicine introduced Glossophobia as a supplementary search concept which refers to the fear of speaking in public.

More specifically, in a small cross sectional study, Ferreira-Marinho et al. (2017, p. 127 e7) reported that “63.9% of the college students reported fear of public speaking. As many as 89.3% of the students would like their undergraduate program to include classes to improve public speaking.”

That is precisely what the School of Medicine Student Senate and the Capozzi M.D. Library have collaborated to do.

We welcome our presenter, Julio A. Rodríguez-Rentas, M.A., who is the Senior Director of Strategic Communications at New York Medical College. He is also a Professor and Co-chair of the Department of Communications, Journalism, and Media Arts, at SUNY WCC. With his wealth of experience, Mr. Rodriguez-Rentas emphasizes preparation and rehearsal as valuable tools in managing anxiety. He focuses “on subject understanding, content organization, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity for confident and compelling narratives.”

So please, empower yourself and join us in the Nevins Auditorium for:

The Podium and Beyond: Mastering Public Speaking

Wednesday April 3, 2024 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Register in advance via the NYMC Events Calendar