Love Data Week 2024

What’s Your Kind of Data? Experimental or Observational? Descriptive or Inferential? Whatever data you deal with, show your data some love this week during International Love Data Week 2024.

What is Love Data Week?

Love Data Week started in 2016 and is an international celebration of data each year during Valentine’s Day week. Institutions, scholars, and fans of data across disciplines show love for data with events and activities worldwide and celebrations on social media. The theme for 2024 is My Kind of Data.

How can I participate?

Check out the full list of Love Data Week events offered by institutions worldwide on the ICPSR website. Many of these are public and online. Topics include Introduction to Research Data Management, Choosing a Repository for Your Data, Organizing Your Data and Files, and much more.

Check out #LoveData24 on social media channels. The Capozzi Library will post about loving your data at NYMC all week. Be sure you are following our social channels! Twitter/X | Facebook | Instagram