A Student’s Art Meets Her Science

Isidora Monteparo’s life journey comes alive as she describes the influences behind one of her many paintings and the interconnection between art and medicine.


Acrylic & Pastel on Bristol Paper, 12” x 18”

This is my rendition of Michelangelo’s fresco “The Creation of Adam,” in the Sistine Chapel. The hand on the right is God. The hand on the left is Adam. Here, God is portrayed as the artist, and Adam is portrayed as the physician. I did this to show that God is both Creator and artist (symbolized by the paintbrush) who puts all the beauty and color into our world. Adam is human and is portrayed as a physician (symbolized by the scalpel) who works to heal. He is an instrument used to fix the things in life that go awry. The white hands represent the marble that Michelangelo used to create his masterpieces.

I titled this piece “Congruence,” because I feel art and medicine are interlinked. You may interpret this piece however you so choose, religious or non-religious, because art is all about perspective. However, the point which I attempt to make through this piece is that art is intrinsic to medicine, and medicine itself is an art  (Isidora Monteparo, 2021).

Isidora Monteparo (School of Medicine, 2022) is featured in this issue of InTouch. Photo prints of Congruence and several of her original paintings are on display in the Health Sciences Library.  After reading her InTouch profile and viewing her work, her story is beautifully told and understood through her art.