Alternative PubMed/MEDLINE Access

Today PubMed globally went down for the first time in memory.

In case this happens, or even if it’s just slow, or if you have a preference, we do have various MEDLINE alternatives you can use.

I recommend Ovid MEDLINE: Off-campus link:

From a mobile device, I would like you to . . . → Read More: Alternative PubMed/MEDLINE Access

PubMed Commons: Set Up Alerts for Comments on Your Papers in PubMed

We previously blogged about PubMed Commons, the new social feature of PubMed which allows researchers to comment on and discuss articles right in PubMed. As an author researcher, would you like to know if your article has comments? Here’s how to set up alerts and receive notifications when your (or another specified researcher’s) articles receive notifications:

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PubMed Relevance Sort

Adapted from Canese K. PubMed Relevance Sort. NLM Tech Bull. 2013 Sep-Oct;(394):e2.2013 September 17 [posted] [Editor’s note: This change was implemented in PubMed on October 22, 2013.]

PubMed now includes a new relevance sort option. The “Relevance” sort option is available from the “Display Settings” menu under the “Sort by” selections.

The relevance sort . . . → Read More: PubMed Relevance Sort

HSL Classes — November 2010

Tech Tuesday is COMING!!! The Tech Tuesday series is meant to be a quick and informal introduction to web-based tools and technologies that can be used to assist with presentations, productivity and organization. We will hold a monthly short-format session, where we present a selected tool or type of tool and the ways in which they can be used in teaching, research, project management and life. These sessions will be held the first Tuesday of every month at 11:00 AM.. . . . → Read More: HSL Classes — November 2010

NYMC Icons in PubMed Reviewed

There are three  icons that the library has created to make it easy for you to get that full-text article you need in PubMed.  Here’s what they look like:

The icon you would want to see the most. Means that we have the full-text of the article and you can print . . . → Read More: NYMC Icons in PubMed Reviewed