Most Popular Papers in Touro Scholar: March 2018

294 downloads in Touro Scholar for the month of February 2018

Total no. of downloads in Touro Scholar, the College’s institutional repository

The most popular works were:

Feeding/Swallowing Disorders: Maintaining Quality of Life in Persons with Intellectual Disability by Luis Riquelme, Rebecca Benjamin, Hannah Tahan, Gracelynn Sandoval, Naga Alomari and Alexander Soyfer

Hematological Disorders and Pulmonary Hypertension by Rajamma Mathew, Jing Huang, Joseph M. . . . → Read More: Most Popular Papers in Touro Scholar: March 2018

Your Brain on Art

More than 12 years ago, Family Medicine reported on the benefits of medical students observing the arts, in the article, “Visual Thinking Strategies: A New Role for Art in Medical Education” (Reilly, Ring, and Duke, 2005). What are these benefits and how have they evolved?

Today, The Yale School of Medicine requires students to take . . . → Read More: Your Brain on Art

NYMC Icons in PubMed Reviewed

There are three icons that the library has created to make it easy for you to get that full-text article you need in PubMed. Here’s what they look like:

The icon you would want to see the most. Means that we have the full-text of the article and you can print it . . . → Read More: NYMC Icons in PubMed Reviewed