2019 Horizon Report Released

The 2019 Higher Education Edition of the Horizon Report was released April 23, 2019. This report profiles key trends, significant challenges, and important developments in educational technology as ranked by an expert panel from across the higher education landscape.

students wearing virtual reality glasses


Short-TermDriving technology adoption in higher education for the next one to two years

  • Redesigning Learning Spaces
  • Blended Learning Designs

Mid-TermDriving technology adoption in higher education for the next three to five years

  • Advancing Cultures of Innovation
  • Growing Focus on Measuring Learning

Long-TermDriving technology adoption in higher education for five or more years

  • Rethinking How Institutions Work
  • Modularized and Disaggregated Degrees


SolvableThose that we understand and know how to solve

  • Improving Digital Fluency
  • Increasing Demand for Digital Learning Experience and Instructional Design Expertise

DifficultThose that we understand but for which solutions are elusive

  • The Evolving Roles of Faculty with Edtech Strategies
  • Bridging the Achievement Gap

WickedThose that are complex to even define, much less address

  • Advancing Digital Equity
  • Rethinking the Practice of Teaching


Time to Adoption: One Year or Less

  • Mobile Learning
  • Analytics Technologies

Time to Adoption: Two to Three Years

  • Mixed Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence

Time to Adoption: Four to Five Years

  • Blockchain
  • Virtual Assistants

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