Pass the Salad, Please

I read a short article the other day in the New York Times: A Salad a Day May be Good for Brain Health.

My first thought was, yes, I know this. Nothing new. Still, out of interest in the subject of cognitive strength and nutrition, as well as starting off the New Year right, I read on. In his article, Nicholas Bakalar referenced a study published in the December 20th issue of Neurology. We own this in our eJournal collection and by logging in with your credentials, you would have access to this important work by Morris et al., (2017), Nutrients and Bioactives in Green Leafy Vegetables and Cognitive Decline, Prospective Study.

I was surprised to learn to what degree only one or two servings of Kale, Collard Greens, or Spinach a day helped slow down cognitive decline. In the age group that was observed, (58 to 99 years of age), those who ate this amount of leafy green vegetables daily reported brain function of someone 11 years younger (Morris et al., 2017).

What surprised me even more was when I researched further on the subject, I did not find enough recent scholarly articles supporting this valuable information. Perhaps there needs to be. More important, science such as this needs to find an easier and quicker path to our food choices and eating habits.