New Books: October 2017

Highlighted titles from the newest additions to the HSL Collection. You can find the print on the shelf, to the right, when entering the library. A full list of new titles can be found here or check the New Books shelf, for all new print items, by the lounge area.

Catching breath : the making and unmaking of tuberculosis, by Kathryn Lougheed.

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“Catching Breath follows the history of TB through the ages, from its time as an infection of hunter-gatherers to the first human villages, which set it up with everything it needed to become the monstrous disease it is today, through to the perils of industrialization and urbanization. It goes on to look at the latest research in fighting the disease, with stories of modern scientific research, interviews with doctors on the TB frontline, and the personal experiences of those affected by the disease.” — Amazon

WF300 L887c 2017

Or-Ahayim hospital : a century of love and compassion, prepared for publication by Viktor Apalaçi.


Beautiful translation of the history of the Or-Ahayim Hospital in Turkey.

qWX28 JT8 O63 2003

Color atlas of anatomy : a photographic study of the human body, by Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll.

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“The on-going core of this atlas is its standard of realistic illustrations that portray anatomical relationships. Photographs of actual cadaver dissections along with numerous schematic drawings aid the student in anatomic orientation. Chapters are organized by region, in order of a typical dissection. Each chapter contains two sections: a description and illustration of organs, and a depiction of those organs within the regional anatomy. New to this edition is an increase of MRI pictures, approximately 30 schematic drawings made even more precise, and an updated text where appropriate.” — Amazon

QS17 R737c 2002

Brought to bed : childbearing in America, 1750 to 1950, by Judith Walzer Leavitt.

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“Based on personal accounts by birthing women and their medical attendants, Brought to Bed reveals how childbirth has changed from colonial times to the late twentieth century. Judith Walzer Leavitt’s classic study focuses on the traditional woman-centered home-birthing practices, their replacement by male doctors, and the movement from the home to the hospital. Leavitt narrates the shifting power of childbearing women and their physicians, as well as changes in infant and maternal mortality. She also discusses how women have attempted to retrieve some of the traditional women–and family–centered aspects of childbirth. This 30th anniversary edition includes a new preface that reviews the burgeoning writing on the history of childbirth since its publication.” — Amazon

WQ11 AA1 L439b 2016

Handbook of toxicology of chemical warfare agents, edited by Ramesh C. Gupta.

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“Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents, Second Edition covers every aspect of deadly toxic chemicals used in conflicts, warfare and terrorism. Including findings from experimental as well as clinical studies, this essential reference offers in-depth coverage of individual toxicants, target organ toxicity, major incidents, toxic effects in humans, animals and wildlife, biosensors and biomarkers, on-site and laboratory analytical methods, decontamination and detoxification procedures, and countermeasures.” — Amazon

QV663 H236 2015

Harnessing the power of Google : what every researcher should know, by Christopher C. Brown.

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“This informative and practical book teaches how to get better and faster results from Internet searches and methods for maximizing the potential of the world’s most popular search engine.
• Shows users how get to the specific information they need more quickly through the most effective use of Google Web, Google Scholar,    and Google Books
• Teaches power-searching techniques that are unknown to most Internet users
• Includes sidebars that demonstrate specific applications of the “Three Googles” to academic research questions
• Written by an active reference technology librarian with three decades of experience, and who helps undergraduate and graduate               students in areas such as public policy, international studies, statistics, and government information on a daily basis.” — Amazon

ZA4234 B877h 2017

Behavior genetics of psychopathology, edited by Soo Hyun Rhee, Angelica Ronald.

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“Behavior Genetics of Psychopathology summarizes the state of the field, examining the role of genes and environment as they affect common neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions. Emphasizing key research areas (comorbidities, twin studies, the integration of methods), the book assesses the current literature, offers up-to-date findings, sorts through lingering controversies, and identifies a clear future agenda for the field. Expertly-written chapters focus on issues of both general salience that shape behavior genetics of psychopathology, to specific disorders of major clinical importance.” — Amazon

WM140 B419 2014

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