New Books: September 2017

Highlighted titles from the newest additions to the HSL Collection. You can find the print on the shelf, to the right, when entering the library. A full list of new titles can be found here or check the New Books shelf, for all new print items, by the lounge area.

Black bag moon: doctors’ tales from dusk to dawn, by Susan Woldenberg Butler ; foreword by Alec Logan.


“Black Bag Moon: Doctors’ Tales from Dusk to Dawn is filled with inspiring, educational, entertaining and often quirky tales. Based on a series of interviews conducted with general practitioners across the globe, the book creatively presents myriad aspects of clinical practice. Each fictionalised story illustrates various themes in the human condition, whilst simultaneously highlighting the struggles and achievements of both patients and doctors.” — Amazon

WZ330 B986b 2012

The sick rose, or: disease and the art of medical illustration, by Richard Barnett.


“The Sick Rose is a beautifully gruesome and strangely fascinating visual tour through disease in an age before colour photography. This stunning volume, combining detailed illustrations of afflicted patients from some of the worlds rarest medical books, forms an unforgettable and profoundly human reminder of mankind’s struggle with disease. Incorporating historic maps, pioneering charts and contemporary case notes, Richard Barnett’s evocative overview reveals the fears and obsessions of an era gripped by epidemics.” — Amazon

WZ17 B261s 2014

The enlightened Mr. Parkinson: the pioneering life of a forgotten English surgeon, by Cherry Lewis.


“The story of this remarkable man’s contributions to the Age of the Enlightenment is told through his three seemingly disparate passions: medicine, politics and fossils. As a political radical, Parkinson was interrogated over a plot to kill King George III and was in danger of exile. But simultaneously, he was helping Edward Jenner set up smallpox vaccination stations across London and writing the first scientific study of fossils in English, jump-starting a national craze. He is one of the intellectual pioneers of “the age of wonder,” forgotten to history, but Cherry Lewis restores this amazing man to his rightful place in history with her evocative portrait of the man and his era.” — Amazon

WZ100 P247L 2017

Outbreak: cases in real-world microbiology, by Rodney P. Anderson

“Integrates headline-making disease outbreaks into microbiology coursework to provide critical content to college-age students.
• Presents case studies covering a wide variety of subject areas, including general, medical, environmental, and industrial microbiology.
• Integrates current outbreaks that are featured in news headlines into the classroom for added relevance.
• Features a discovery-oriented answer key that directs students to appropriate reference material rather than providing complete          answers to the study questions.
• Introduces students to the relevance of diverse social, economic, political, and religious issues that exist in various parts of the world.
• Provides case studies of varying levels of difficulty.
• Presents complete information about each disease and microbe covered.” — Amazon

WA105 A549o 2006

Complementary and integrative treatments in psychiatric practice, edited by Patricia L. Gerbarg (NYMC Author)…et al.


“An international group of experts, researchers, and clinicians examines an expansive range of treatments that have been chosen on the basis of their therapeutic potential, strength of evidence, safety, clinical experience, geographic and cultural diversity, and public interest.This guide offers advice on how to best tailor treatments to individual patient needs; combine and integrate treatments for optimal patient outcomes; identify high-quality products; administer appropriate doses; and deal with concerns about liability, safety, and herb-drug interactions.” — Amazon

WM400 C7373 2017

Animal models of speech and language disorders, edited by Santosh A. Helekar

“Basic research over the last decade or two has uncovered similarities between speech, especially its sensori-motor aspects, and vocal communication in several non-human species. The most comprehensive studies so far have been conducted in songbirds. Songbirds offer us a model system to study the interactions between developmental or genetic predispositions and tutor-dependent influences, on the learning of vocal communication.” — Amazon

WL340.2 A598 2013

Modern death: how medicine changed the end of life, by Haider Warraich


“There is no more universal truth in life than death. No matter who you are, it is certain that one day you will die, but the mechanics and understanding of that experience will differ greatly in today’s modern age. Dr. Haider Warraich is a young and brilliant new voice in the conversation about death and dying started by Dr. Sherwin Nuland and Atul Gawande. Dr. Warraich takes a broader look at how we die today, from the cellular level up to the very definition of death itself.” — Amazon

WB310 W286m 2017