Join us for the Total Eclipse of the Sun

This August 21st the United States will experience a solar eclipse for the first time in many years; the next one expected to hit NYC is 2079. The path of the Full Eclipse will just miss us, as can been seen in the map below. New York may see 50-75% of the eclipse. See Vox’s website for animated account.

Zeus, the father of the Olympic Gods, turned mid-day into night, hiding the light of the dazzling Sun; and sore fear came upon men — Archilochus, referring to the total eclipse of 648 B.C.
From: Eclipse : The Celestial Phenomenon That Changed the Course of History.  Available online at:

NASA compiled a website full of events, trajectories, and community activities. This Washington Post article provides helpful insights to viewing the eclipse and reasons why it is dubbed the “Great American Eclipse.”

The library will Live Stream the event between 1 and 4 pm in the Bentivegna Classroom (109). You may also borrow a pair of Eclipse Glasses to view the partial eclipse from campus, weather permitting. It is “very” dangerous to look at the sun during this time, so please be careful when outside.


(Denise Lu/The Washington Post)


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