The Good and the Bad Science Behind Nutrition

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For those who are not familiar with Gary Taubes, he has been writing, studying, and discussing nutrition science for more than 10 years. He is a controversial figure in nutrition research:

“[Taubes] delivers another convincing book… Fascinating and illuminating.” —Library Journal

“[Taubes’s work is] compelling, as well as meticulously explained and researched. Readers will hate to love this book, since it will cause them to thoroughly rethink the place of sugar in their diets.” —Publishers Weekly

“[Taubes] helps us understand how to make better decisions regarding sugar as individuals and as a nation.” —Library Journal

“The obesity epidemic is an ever-growing threat to the overall health of our nation. In making the case against sugar, Gary Taubes details the often insidious efforts by the sugar industry to hide how harmful it is, just as the tobacco companies once did.  This is required reading for not only every parent, but every American.” —Katie Couric

New York Times Book Review.

Listen to the controversial author discuss What We Should Eat on the Waking Up podcast with Sam Harris.

In this interview Taubes discusses the 3 Pillars (Fallacies) of Nutrition Science that define the thesis of his book:

    1. Consume fewer calories — calories in = calories burned. This theory (from the 50s) does not take into account hormones and what foods are easily digestible.
      Fat causes heart failure — excess fat accumulation. Studies removed endocrinology from the literature and therefore this is a one sided view.
      Eat a plant-based diet — most nutrition research is observational. There is no epidemiological evidence that this is true.

Obesity is not simply an energy imbalance but a physiological problem.

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