Did You Know… Edwin Sterling Munson?

Did You Know… Edwin Sterling Munson?

Through 2016, the library is offering a glimpse into the College’s rich history through the lens of its graduates: trail-blazers, war heroes, social justice pioneers, and everything in-between.  Opening up the vault of the library’s archives, we hope to shed light on a diverse community of practitioners whose legacy continues to this day.

Ophthalmologist and educator Edwin Sterling Munson (NYMC 1894) was a Dean of the New York Ophthalmic Hospital (now Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital) and a pioneer in the field of ophthalmology.  Munson’s Sign, found in advanced keratoconus (a condition in which the cornea assumes a conical shape because of thinning and protrusion), carries Dr Munson’s name in the modern practice of ophthalmology.




For more information and a select bibliography of Dr Munson’s work, please go here.

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