Plagiarism Checking Service Available Through the Library

This Service is no Longer Available through the Library. However, SafeAssign is available in Blackboard for TouroOne users. 

Turnitin, plagiarism detection software, is available through the Health Sciences Library. Turnitin detects potential plagiarism and creates a report matching text in a paper to existing text. Instructors can quickly understand how much of a paper is unoriginal. Students and authors can guard against unintentional plagiarism and comply with the College’s Student Code of Academic Integrity and Professionalism and the Library’s Policy on Attributing Works of Others.

 How does it Work? Turnitin compares papers against a vast repository of 24+ billion pages of digital content (including archived Internet content that is no longer available), over 250 million papers in its student archive, and 120,000+ professional, academic and commercial journals and publications. Reports list all areas of the paper which have similarity to information in the Turnitin repository. Matches are color coded and listed as percentages of matching word area.

 How do I use Turnitin through the Library? Simply email an electronic copy of a paper to using your NYMC email account. A librarian will run the paper through Turnitin and email the report back to you.

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