Google+ Hangout = Free online group video chat


What are some of the ways that free online group video chat can be used in our environment? Lessee:

  • Study groups
  • Group projects
  • Screen sharing
  • Video viewing
  • Online face to face meetings
  • Journal clubs
  • Conferences
Really the possibilities are endless. And with shrinking amounts of available time and increased travel costs, this seems like a no-brainer. So try it out! Google+ Hangout!


Next Tuesday’s (2/7)  Tech Tuesday session will demonstrate the Google+ Hang Out feature. Tech Tuesday sessions are the first Tuesday of every month at 11 AM (unless otherwise rescheduled). These sessions are meant to be informal awareness raising sessions. During this session we will demo, discuss applications, and talk about “Google+ with extras” and the possibilities of Google+ Hangouts. Register here:


If you can’t make this session or would like to join via Hang Out itself, please contact Marie Ascher at to arrange or to schedule a consultation or ask any questions.


What do you need? You need a Google+ profile to start a Hangout. And everyone who wants to join a hangout needs a Google+ account. Google+ is a social media platform similar to Facebook. Some like it better than Facebook but the general sentiment I’ve heard is people say, “Why do we need another Facebook?” if they even felt they needed a Facebook in the first place.
Additionally you will need a web cam, speakers and microphone (or headset).
To sign up for Google+ go to . Then it’s as simple as clicking the “Start a Hangout” button, installing a plug-in, and inviting people to join you. Let me know how it goes!

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